Screws are used in numerous industrial applications for the efficient transport of various types of materials. The screws are very efficient and require minimal maintenance.
We manufacture closed type screws (circular cross-section), U-shaped screws with lids and flexible screws (flexible) in black, galvanized and stainless steel. Our screws are available in many sizes and there is production capacity for a wide variety of applications.

Galvanized and stainless steel bolts (st-steel) closed type (circular cross section)

Closed screws are mainly used in cases of uphill transport. They are available in many sizes and are selected depending on the material and the desired production. 

U-shaped screws with shell

Shell U-shaped screws are mainly used in cases of horizontal transport. Distributes material efficiently using multiple material entry and exit points.


The defining feature of flexible screws is their flexibility compared to rigid ones. They rotate without an axis in a plastic tube and are used in cases where the required efficiency is relatively small and where the layout of the space is complex.

Movable screw on a lifting tripod with wheels

It is used for filling silos in cases where there are scattered silos in many parts of the premises.

Elevator - Bucket Elevator

The elevator is one of the most efficient ways for vertical transport of bulk materials. We design and build elevators in various sizes based on the characteristics of the material, the required production and the height.