Yiavasis Belts Ltd specializes in the supply and manufacture of belts for all uses and for all sectors of the industry. We have a wide variety of conveyor belts, power transmission belts, Round belts, Rubber belts and round hay belts.

In our factory we have the ability to manufacture endless belts in any size. It is possible to apply steps (profiles), guides (guides) and metal joints.

Our Products
Belts Suitable for PVC and PU food
We provide a complete range of food transport straps that comply with all European and international food safety and health standards (FDA, HACCP certificates, REACH, EU). We have a wide variety of PVC and polyurethane straps in white and blue. These belts are mainly used in bakeries, food processing plants, dairy products, fruit and vegetable processing and packaging, pharmaceutical companies.
PVC Ιμάντες

Yiavasis Belts Ltd offers a complete range of PVC straps for the entire industry range ranging from lightweight single-leaf straps (1 ply) to boring type. We have belts resistant to the use of chemicals, oil, at low and high temperatures. The main applications of the belts are in packaging plants, industrial and agricultural production, freight transport, electric corridors and many more.

Rubber Belts

We have a full range of rubber straps of the EP type (polyamide / polyester) that are available in different strengths, number of sheets, thickness and quality. We also have belts resistant to high temperatures, oils and high friction. They are mainly used in recycling plants, airports and boring industries.

Round Hay Baler Belts.

We have a complete range of hay bale belts that suit all manufacturers and models of machines.

The straps are high-strength with a textured rubber surface and 3 built-in linens made of nylon and polyester, resistant to abrasion, pressure and tension exerted on the straps. Clipper, Mato, Alligator joints and screw joints are applied.

Drive belts

We have drive belts for a large number of uses. The straps are available in a wide variety of materials such as elastomer, polyurethane and leather for light or boring type use, with high resistance to high temperatures, oils, dust and abrasion. They are mainly used in the fields of paper, wood processing, roller movement and high speed machines.

Metal compounds

We have a complete range of metal compounds in quality steel, stainless steel and zinc for all types of belts and applications. Our company is a distributor for Anker-Flexco, Clipper, Alligator, Mato and VAT.

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